Top 5 Greatest Dunking Contest Performers of all Time

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3   
1)  Vince Carter: Vince Carter 2000 slam dunk contest is the one I remember the most from this list. The array of dunks that Vince Carter had on display were unreal. Each dunk that he gave us on that night could be called the greatest of all time. I can remember sitting in my living room with my mouth open and my head shaking from side to side. I probably watched this dunk contest 12 or 13 times. However I am a Raptors fan and putting Vince Carter number one on any list is a tough thing to do. I cannot however have any performance above this one. Not even NBA legends could believe what Carter could do above the rim. They would all become fans for that moment. To say his performance was breathtaking is an understatement because we all had to take a breather after that one. Even one of the greatest dunkers of all time would have to show his appreciation for this unbelieveable display of athleticism and creativity.
2) Michael Jordan: In 1985 Michael Jordan made his first appearance in the slam dunk contest. It was the beginning of a great rivalry with Wilkins. Atlhough Wilkins took the crown Jordan would come back in 1987 to conquer the field with creativity and artistry. Wilkins was injured and did not compete in 1987 and Jordan would go on to win his first title. This set up a rematch in 1988 and both men would not disappoint. Jordan would try to defend his title in Chicago with moves never seen before. Each dunk would be more magnificent than the last and he would defend his title and place as one of the greatest. If it was held in Atlanta who knows what the outcome would have been.
3) Dominique Wilkins: Dominique Wilkins does however get a higher ranking on this list. His electrifing explosions to the basket could put fear in any man. And most men would try to get out of his way when he left the ground. But in the dunk contest Wilkins had no defenders to contend with and it showed everytime the rim would shake. He is the most powerful dunker of all time. The human highlight reel was not just powerful when he destroyed the rim but his arsenal of dunks showed creativity. The battle he had with the next man was unforgettable. Dominique Wilkins hall of fame numbers cannot be forgotten.
4) Spud Webb: At 5'7” this NBA star could make your jaw drop every time he would make his journey to the rim. I would imagine his feet would be soar having to make the descent down after the journey would end. Spud Webb NBA dunks can only be described as captivating. To see such a small man make such amazing moves above the rim is a thrill to watch. In 1986 the crowd that sat anxiously awaiting the great Dominique Wilkins would get a treat when Spud Webb stepped on the court. Not even the fiercest dunker was prepared for what was going to happen.
5) Julius Erving: I will start the list with the man they call the Doctor. Not because he could perform on the operating table but because Julius Erving could cut defenders down while he floated effortlessly above the rim. His performances in the Dunk Contests were memorable to say the least. When he decided to take off from the free throw line the world took notice. It wasn't the first time someone had attempted this feat but it is the one we all remember. Dr. J was known for many things in his career but Julius Erving dunks was his bread and butter and why he sits at number 5.
This top 5 list puts on display the greatest players to compete in a contest played above a rim that only few have the privilege to see.
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