Top 5 Greatest NBA Point Guards of all Time

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3   
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1) Magic Johnson: At the number 1 spot is the Magic man himself. Magic's charisma and contagious smile was great for the NBA. To lead the showtime Lakers of the 80's, not only did Magic have to be great on the court, but off the court as well. If any player had the personality it was Magic. When he would look at his defenders it was like he was preparing to show the world that magic was not just seen with a rabbit in a hat but seen on a court that was unprepared to display his genius. He played with a flare that was never seen before, and may never be seen again. On the fast break there was no player better at creating spectacular plays or highlight moves. Without Magic there would be no showtime in la la land. Magic Johnson turned a simple game into a showcase of the greatest the game had to offer. His career average for assists per game is 11.19 and that puts him at number 1 of all time.
2) Oscar Robertson: Most of you younger readers may not know this name or may have heard it from your grandfather. If you don't know what Oscar Robertson has accomplished in his career and leave him off this list, your list is incomplete. Can you imagine a player, no imagine a point guard of today averaging a triple double for an entire season. Oscar Robertson triple double season was accomplished in only his second year. In his first 5 years in the league he flirted with a triple double every night. He could have finished each season averaging a triple double. He is arguably the greatest all around player to ever step on any basketball court and is deserving of a spot on any basketball list.
3) John Stockton: Another fearless competitor to play the position was the great John Stockton. If any reader disagrees with his ranking or his inclusion in the top 5 then just look John Stockton stats. You cannot deny his place as one of the greatest of all time. Although he never won a championship Stockton was everything a point guard should be. He lead a Jazz team to the finals twice, only to be defeated by Jordan and the bulls. Not only did he score when his team needed a big shot but defensively Stockton was always active and getting into passing lanes. Not only is he the career leader in assists but also the career leader in steals.
4) Isiah Thomas: As the leader of the bad boys Isiah Thomas Pistons teams were feared around the NBA. He not only played with intensity but played with heart. He was listed at 6' 1" but I think they were off by about 2 or 3 inches. Although he was not a tall man his heart and emotional play would raise him to legendary status. He should have been selected to the Dream Team but other circumstances left him off the roster. He could not be left off of this list. His handle of the basketball was great to watch. Isiah Thomas always wanted the ball in the clutch and never disappointed fans who came to see the little big man.
5)  Jason Kidd: At number 5 on the list is a man who helped a struggling USA basketball team get back to the top of the basketball world. Watching Kidd run the point on a team overflowing with great talent was remarkable. But his ability to create offense on the fast break is what sets him apart from other great point guards. His career average for assists per game puts him at number 6 all time. Kidd can always find the right player at the perfect time. Unlike some point guards of today, Kidd is a pure point with the ability to make every player live up to their potential. If you can run the fast break, then you have a chance to be great with Jason Kidd. Just ask Kenyon Martin's accountant! Dont't forget about Jason Kidd triple doubles in his career.
This list breaks down some of the most unbelievable NBA floor generals to ever lead a team to victory.
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