Top 5 Greatest Tacklers of all Time

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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1) Dick Butkus: At the number 1 spot is a Chicago Bear who became a beast. Dick Butkus hit with violence. He was just frightening. For him football was not just a game but a way of life and is considered a violient man in a vicuous game. If you faced Dick Butkus in the 70's there was a good possibility that you were on a first name basis with the trainer. Not only did he inflict pain on his peers, he was also known for his take-a-ways. Not many fans would argue this selection. If they think they might have a legitimate case then I could only respond with a grunt. Dick Butkus hall of fame career is a display of pure power.
2) Lawrence Taylor: If you have ever seen the eyes of an animal starving for a week, you can understand how Lawrence Taylor played the game of football. Every Sunday NFL linemen would say their prayers and hope that god had a connection with LT. Unfortunately for the offense Taylor didn't care about the fears of any man, but only instilled fear in every man. With Lawrence Taylor stats having him at the number 2 spot seems like a travesty but the next man on this list can make god himself say a prayer.
3) Ronnie Lott: This hall of fame player was not only devastating to watch but one of the most lethal men to ever wear a helmet. And without helmets many of his opponents would have had shorter careers. Although tackles were only recorded in 2001 this man was known as one of the best in the 80's. Whenever his name is mentioned, quarterbacks around the world turn their heads. Ronnie Lott hits would make you wish for death.
4) Nighttrain Lane: This is a man who took the the art of tackling to new heights, but was himself afraid to fly. Lane was one of the first to dominate his position and bring fear into his opponents. He took the night train to games he played and nearly took the heads off any man to cross his path. Before this man the term face mask was a term used on the ice, not the football field. When Lane played he wasn't as restricted as some players today. Taking your head off was not just an expression but a reality.
5) Ray Lewis: To watch Ray Lewis warm up is one of the most exhilarating experiences any fan can have on a Sunday afternoon. The intensity in his eyes would paralyze your soul just long enough for him to explode through the line. Before defenders could react, Ray Lewis would already be tasting his prey. His anticipation and intimidation would make him one of the most feared tacklers of his time. His confidence on the field and his will to succeed will place him in the hall of fame. Ray Lewis hits can bring fear into all men. 
This list consists of the meanest NFL players football has ever seen and men who could inflict pain with speed and power. 
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