Top 5 All Time Quarterbacks in NFL History

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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1) Brett Favre: When we talk about the greatest quarterbacks of all time we can not leave out the legandary quarterback Brett Favre. He has almost every statistical honor a quarterback can have. He would always swing for the fences and take whatever his powerful arm would give him. He is a hero in Green Bay and lead the Packers to a Super Bowl. He was also a league MVP. However the greatest attribute that Favre possesses is the ablitiy to find joy whenever he is on the field. He lives in every moment that the football gods give him and some people in Green Bay treat him with god like praise. He may be almost 40 years old but the greatest quarterback of all time can still play, and play with greatness is exactly what he does every Sunday.
2) Joe Montana: When I talk about calm and collected quarterbacks I cannot leave out the best. Joe Montana was the calmest quarterback under pressure the league has ever seen. With the Fighting Irish he was a legend and with the 49ers he has become the number 2 quarterback of all time. Montana always had a way to make all others relaxed and ready for every situation. He had to be relaxed and ready to take the 49ers back from a 3 TD deficit to beat the Cowboys in Superbowl 23 . You remember the catch. To be the best you have to win, and Joe Montana stats always showed him as a winner his entire football career.
3) Peyton Manning: From a legendary football background this man would soon hold the NFL record for Touchdowns in a single season. A record that many thought would stand until the end of time. His dedication to become the best is seen everytime he steps on the field. When you watch his eyes intensely stare at a playbook he has read a thousand times, you understand this man's drive to be the greatest. Off the field Peyton Manning has stolen the hearts of many football fans with his humor and his ability to make any sports fan smile. When he decides to call it quits he will be the greatest of all time.
4) Tom Brady: For all of the younger readers out there this is the quarterback that all other quarterbacks are compared to. With a 50 TD season and 4 Superbowl victories it is hard to put him at number 4 on this list. If I could select this list in 5 or 6 years it might be a different scenario. Although Brady has had great talent around him he always seems to find the right receiver at the right time. A quarterback with a drive to be the best, and his drives are described as mythical. 
5) Dan Marino: Starting the list is the greatest quarterback never to win a Super Bowl. Unfortunately for Marino his legacy will always be tied to this one statement. His stats at the position could easily put him at number 1 but his failure to win the big game is why he sits at number 5. The Dolphins were never out of a game when Marino was behind center. You could argue the reason he never won a Super Bowl is the same reason he should be listed as the greatest. Marino's teams did not have the supporting cast like some of the other players on this list but he still achieved superior offensive numbers.
This top 5 list breaks down the greatest NFL leaders in a position that may be the toughest in sports.
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