Top 5 Greatest NFL Pass Rushers of all Time

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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1) Deacon Jones: If you have no idea who Deacon Jones is don't feel so bad. There are many sports fans who never heard of the great pass rusher of the 60's. Before I read an article about this devastating man I had no idea. Nicknamed the secretary of defense his head slap over an opponent's ear hole would give him just enough time to destroy opposing quarterbacks. In the 60's most of the rules of today were nonexistent. Although sacs were not recorded over the course of Deacon's career he claims to have over 225 sacs in his 14 NFL seasons. He also claims to have 26 sacs in 1967, along with 6 more in the playoffs that year. Deacon kept records of all his stats in his playbook. Known as the meanest man alive Deacon Jones football stats are deserving of his number 1 ranking, even if you have never heard the name.
2) Lawrence Taylor: Until I read an article about the number 1 selection on this list Lawrence Taylor had the number 1 spot. I cannot use just one word to describe Lawrence Taylor's presence on the field. He was explosive, devastating, disruptive, and don't forget powerful. If you combine the speed of a cougar with the power of a beast, you might come close to describing Lawerence Taylor football skill on a Sunday afternoon. Taylor played basketball and baseball and is arguable the best athlete on this list. He changed the way the game was played and in his era he was known as the greatest linebacker to play the game. Maybe of all time.
3) Bruce Smith: Next on our list is the all time greatest pass rusher, statistically. With 200 sacks over his career he can have that title. Unfortunately for Smith it can only get him to the 3th spot on our list. In the late 80's and the 90's this man was one of the most feared and respected players in the NFL. When Bruce Smith found an opening in the offensive line his speed and power propelled him to inflict serious pain on linemen. Bruce Smith sacks are legendary. This pain could be felt for weeks and for some players felt for entire careers.
4) Reggie White: Reggie White minister of defense stands tall at the number 4 spot. At the defensive end position he is probably the best. The complete package with the upper body strength of a bear and the heart of a caged lion. When the ball was snapped it was like the offense was opening Reggie White's cage and the animal inside of him was released. Off the field Reggie was a loveable and honorable man. A great ambassador for the game of football and for those believers out there.
5) Michael Strahan: Lets start our list with one of the greatest characters in football. Michael Strahan is funny and entertaining as a broadcaster. As a  player he was a devastating force on the football field. While Favre may have dropped down gently for the record breaking sack, it is still his record to keep. This record along with a Superbowl victory will solidify his place in the hall of fame and in the hearts of many sports fans. His strength and agility makes him the premier pass rusher of his generation. Just ask John Runniun.
This top 5 list breaks down the greatest NFL players to use speed and power to break a line constructed to destroy their existence.
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