Top 5 Greatest NHL Players of 2008

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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1) Alex Ovechkin: What can you say about a player who is so hot his stick is untouchable. OV1 is not only one of the greatest in the game today, he is a force the NHL cannot control. In the past two seasons Alex Ovechkin fight has been to be the best in the league and the best the NHL has to offer. Every night you can expect at least one great highlight. When Ovechkin storms into the zone the only player that can stop him is the man himself. He has the ability to turn a game around with one snap of the stick. If that doesn't work he can turn the game with a crushing hit. His versatility as a superstar in the NHL is unlimited and his personality off the ice is worth the price of a ticket and number 1 on this list.
2) Sidney Crosby: Sidney Crosby is the face of the NHL and the face of the Stanley Cup champions. At this stage of his career he should be holding the number 1 spot. Sidney Crosby stats and leadership will some day place him as one of the greatest of all time. Living up to the expectations Crosby had coming into the NHL can be hindering. Just ask Steve Stamkos. Crosby has taken the responsibility of being the next great thing and transformed it into a Stanley Cup. Determination will push him to great heights but his talent will prove to be special. He is a refreshing breath of air and a leader on any team, in any country.  Go Team Canada.
3) Pavel Datsyuk: The best two way player in the game today. Pavel Datzuk can hurt you with the puck and without. If you want a player that can do everything then you are in luck. Datzuk goal of  entering the zone on a Red Wings power play is masterful to watch. There is no player in the NHL that can handle the puck like Datzuk. People talk about having the puck on a string but Datzuk has the puck magnetically attached to his stick. His forecheck makes him a Selke winner but his character makes him an important part of the league. Young hockey players around the globe should take notes.
4) Evgeni Malkin: With a newly acquired Conn Smythe trophy Evgeni Malkin is now included in this conversation. Without the trophy he might still be included but with this prized possession he is listed at number 4. Some readers might put Malkin at the top of this list but I feel his leadership qualities are still in question. What is not in question is his offensive abilities. He may be the most offensively gifted player on this list but to get to the top he needs to improve his entire game. But check out the last 3 players.
5) Jarome Iginla: To begin this list is one of the greatest leaders in today's game. Jarome Iginla is not only a great leader but one of the premier goal scorers in the league. On any given night he can lead the Flames team in every offensive category. Scoring goals is just one aspect of Iginla's game. This well spoken leader can lift his team with every hit and check he dishes out. Most superstars in the NHL will not drop the gloves in any circumstance. Iginla hockey on the contrary includes fighting when he feels his team needs a lift. Of all the players on this list he is the player that can win a game without touching the puck.
This top 5 list breaks down a group of players who use the ice to display perfection in today's NHL.
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