Top 5 All Time Hockey Goalies in NHL History

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1) Patrick Roy: The greatest goaltender of all time will have to be Patrick Roy. Some of you might already have Brodeur at number 1 but I feel he can wait a few more years. One of the most competitive players I have ever seen play in any sport. Patrick Roy's determination and drive to be the best was only matched by his tremendous talent as a puck stopper. His nose may have been crooked but his game was masterful. Under pressure there is no man you would rather have behind the net, even if he was only 20 years old. Roy is the all time leader in wins in the postseason. He has 4 Stanley Cups, 3 Vezina Trophy's and 551 wins. Patrick Roy is the greatest of all time because he would never let any other man have the title. However Patrick Roy retirement has come and gone and his place on this list will soon be history.
2) Martin Brodeur: In 15 NHL seasons Martin Brodeur has only played for one team and has 3 Stanley Cups to his name. This however is only a glimpse into the career of one of the greatest of all time. No other man has more wins than Brodeur. He has 4 Vezina Trophy's and has posted 40 wins in seven different seasons. He has one of the quickest gloves in the NHL and is one of the best at moving the puck for his position. Martin Brodeur goal is always to protect his net and no man can have access without his permission. He will surpass Terry Sawchuk's record for shutouts this season unless the world comes to an end. When his career ends his statistics will show the greatness of Martin Brodeur and he will be at the top of this list.
3) Ken Dryden: A Montreal Canadians legend that should be at the top of this list. With only 7 full seasons behind the pipes Ken Dryden stats showed numbers that others couldn't achieve in a lifetime. In his short hockey career he not only lead the Canadians to 6 Stanley Cups but won 5 Vezina Trophys and 4 of them consecutively. What this man accomplished in only 7 seasons is remarkable. It was his other interests that lead this great man away from the game of hockey. His passion for life extended beyond the hockey rink. Just imagine the career numbers if his passion had been hockey and only hockey. Without question he would be the greatest of all time.
4) Terry Sawchuk: I have never seen this man play but can understand why many call him the greatest of all time. He not only holds the number 4 spot on our list but is number 5 of all time in wins. In practice he never played as hard as others on this list but when the puck dropped Terry Sawchuk was fearless. His life on the ice was a far cry from what he experienced as a man. He was taken from us at the young age of 40. Terry Sawchuk death was strange at best. He may be the most talented of this group. The impression he has made on the game of hockey can only be matched by the 103 shutouts he recorded. A record many thought would not be broken and still stands today. However the man at number 2 might have something to say about that.
5) Dominic Hasek: In the 90's Dominic Hasek was the most dominating goalie in the NHL. With 6 vesina trophys and back to back Heart Trophys he dominated the the position and was the best in the world. He was the first european starting goaltender to win the Stanley Cup. He is a pioneer for all european goaltenders. His style was unusual at best but his concentration and flexibility was unmatched. He is the all time leader in save percentage at .922. Regarded as one of the greatest european players of all time Dominic Hasek has become a legend. The name you will remember but his style of play will always set him apart.
This top 5 list was created to display some of the greatest men to ever stand between two pipes with only one puck between failure and greatness.
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