Top 5 Greatest NFL Performances
of all Time

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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1) Tom Brady: His 2007 season is ranked at the number 1 spot. A man that had the best possible season any quarterback could have. Brady had a group of receivers that he could find in a snowstorm. With 50 TD's and breaking the previous record, Brady solidified himself as maybe the greatest of all time. The almost perfect season did however come to an end with a tremendous Superbowl catch that ended the Patriots dreams. When a Tom Brady fan remembers the 2007 season all they picture is a calm and collected quarterback who took command of a great team.
2) Peyton Manning: In 2004 Peyton Manning made NFL history by throwing for a record 49 TD's in a single season. Although another great quarterback would surpass him a few years later, this season will go down as one of the greatest. He may have gotten a couple more TD's but he sat on the bench the last game of the season against Denver. He only threw 2 passes for 6 yards. If this game had any meaning Peyton Manning may have taken the top spot away from the next man.
3) Devin Hester: If you watched the 2008 Superbowl then you know why Devin Hester football season made this list. Hester proved his worth on a Bears team that lacked offensive leadership. The Bears offensive in the 2007 season revolved around one man. With his 6 returns for touchdowns Hester quickly became one of the greatest special teams players of all time. He is one of the most dangerous and exciting players in the game today. Watching his spectacular returns week after week made us wonder how long the record would stand. Devin Hester 40 yard dash time isn't bad either.
4) Gale Sayers: Many of you younger readers may not know the name Gail Sayers. This running back came into the league in the 60's and never looked back. In his rookie campaign he scored 22 TD's and averaged close to a TD every 10 rushes. If you compare those statistics to any running back in today's game, you will be impressed. Sayers may have had the greatest game in NFL history against the 49ers when he scored 6 TD's through the mud and rain. Gale Sayers NFL speed and reaction time was also on display when Sayers returned punts and kickoffs throughout the year. As a rookie Sayers knew how to make an impression and impressed all men who dared to tackle him.
5) Marvin Harrison: Although this list is impossible to narrow down, Marvin Harrison's 143 catches is a mark that may never be broken. In 2002 Harrison not only caught 143 balls but had 6 games where he finished with double digits in catches. He shattered the previous record of 123 catches. Marvin Harrison will go down as one of the greatest wide receivers of all time. Like many other great wide outs Marvin Harrison Indianapolis Colts had a pretty good quarterback to rely on in the clutch.
This top 5 list breaks down 5 seasons that can only be described as a journey that lifted the NFL to another level.
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