Top 5 Greatest NBA Dunks of all Time

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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1) Jordan on Knicks: This list would not be complete without an appearance from the greatest player of all time. Like all other athletes on this list you could make a top 5 of Jordan's greatest dunks and be satisfied. If you don't know what dunk is number 1 then you haven't seen enough Jordan Highlights. Just youtube Michael Jordan and you will see. Think the garden and think baseline. With two defenders trying to trap Jordan he somehow found a way to shake the baseline. He is then faced with one of the premier centers in the game, Patrick Ewing. When Jordan elevated it seemed like time stood still and gravity was nonexistent. Jordan always found a way to get a little higher than his opponents and rise above all others.   
2) Carter in Olympics: Vince Carter could easily have the top spot on this list. Many people have him as the greatest of all time. He could have numerous dunks in the top 5 but the one in the Olympics will stand out as the most memorable. How could he jump over a 7' center even if he was looking to the floor in terror. How could he even think that this was possible. Watching this dunk will make the hairs on your neck stand up and everyone who was lucky enough to be in the building watching, was doing the same.
3) James on Garnett: When James enters the lane there is only one thing defenders should do, get out of his way. Not even one of today's greatest defenders stands a chance when King James is ready to explode. In the 2008 playoffs Kevin Garnett experienced the power of James and decided, like all others, to get out of this man's way. James saw his opening and made his move only to see the defensive player of the year waiting. James accepted the challenge but Garnett refused. James elevated and displayed his power in these final minutes. This is a power that we will see in the future, because the future is King James.
4) Erving rocking the ball: Julius Erving gave fans something they have never seen before. Every night fans paid there hard earned money to go see the next dunk that the great Dr would be perscribing that night. This dunk was however the greatest one I can remember and a dunk that will never be forgotten. There was no one sleeping when Julius Erving stole the ball and looked toward the net. No one could have imagined him rocking the ball to sleep. The only man that should have stayed in bed on that night was Coop. His creativeness would prove to become legendary. The baseline move wasn't bad either.
5) Shawn Kemp's facial: The Rain man was so close to making the list of the top 5 greatest dunkers of all time. This dunk however could not be left out of this list. Do you remember how explosive and powerful Kemp was in the 90's. If so, then you can remember his dunk over the Warriors. This dunk was not only powerful but one of the most explosive in history. The fact that Kemp cupped the ball while driving in the lane before he destroyed the rim was athletic. The celebration after the dunk when he embarrasses his defender was special. It made this dunk memorable and the reason why it's on this list.
This top 5 list breaks down 5 NBA moments that have never be seen before, but highlights that will be seen for years to come.
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