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Top Dunkers in NBA History

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
This top 5 list breaks down the most electrifying NBA athletes to play basketball in another atmosphere.
5) Julius Erving: To start off this list of the top 5 dunkers of all time, I thought it was appropriate to begin with the legend and original slam dunk king. Before Erving the slam dunk was a simple yet effective way to score the basketball. Like all other great legends in sport, Evring took a simple part of the game and made it his own. His ability to jump higher than anyone on the court made him lethal, but his flare for the unforgettable dunk made him a legend and number 5 on this list.
4) LeBron James: If I were to compile this list 10 years from now James may be number 1. But unfortunately for King James he only makes number 4 on this list. Others might already have him at the top spot, but I like to leave room for improvement. If his first few years in the league is any indication, the sky is the limit. He is the strongest and most athletic of this group. Not only does he bring power to his dunks but captivates audiences with every tantalizing move he makes above the rim. A perfect display of power and athleticism.
3) Dominique Wilkins: When someone is named the human highlight film you would expect him to be on this list. He is placed at number 3 simply because of the greatness of the top 2 selections. If this list was the most powerful dunkers of all time, he would be number 1. When Wilkins stormed into the lane and elevated, you would crunch your face in anticipation of what was next. His only objective was to tear the basket from the backboard. If you got in his way you would also become part of his highlight flim.
2) Vince Carter: They call him half man, half amazing, but his dunks can only be described as electrifying. As part of an unproven and unknown Raptors team you could find him on every highlight reel from Canada to Europe. Not only was Carter a powerful dunker but one of the most creative of all time. He proved this at the 2000 slam dunk contest where he blew the competition away with his arsenal of never before seen dunks. Not only were fans impressed by this display but his peers left there feet in amazement. The greatest character in basketball had his camera pointed directly at Carter. If you do not agree with Carter's ranking on this list try to remember the Olympic Games.
1) Michael Jordan: Not only is Air Jordan the greatest dunker of all time but he is also the greatest player of all time. If you don't trust me take a look at the thousands of highlights on the web that will prove this point. Like the first dunker on this list Jordan did something that only few players in any sport could achieve. That is the ability to transcend a sport to a new level never seen before. When Air Jordan left the ground so did the rest of the world, each not knowing how long they would stay in the smell of this new found air. Jordan had power, athleticism, and creativity. When he dunked the basketball the world watched. Jordan will be at the top of most lists in any category. Jordan is at the top of this list above all others for one simple reason. There is only one Michael Jordan.
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Top Dunkers in NBA history

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