1) Derrick Rose: Derrick Rose will lead my team as point guard not only for his electrifying explosiveness but his genuine attitude and drive to reach greatness. His legend already has a nice chapter 1. His ability to break down defenses off the dribble and finish at the basket will open up shooting lanes and create space for Kevin and Kobe to operate. Derrick will run the offensive as the number 1 option and primary scorer. He must make decisions quickly in the half court when his shot is unavailable to leave time for our wing players to create their own offence.

Bench: Steve Nash
2) Kobe Bryant: Kobe Bryant was selected at the number 2 spot for reasons known to all mankind. He has been selected for his fierce defensive intensity and his 4th quarter brilliance. He will add much needed leadership and a winning mentality to this young groups of dominating athletes. Kobe will be my defensive stopper, closer, facilitator and leader.

Bench: Dwayne Wade
3) Kevin Durant: Kevin Durant has turned potential into a reality we are all starting to witness. He is the most prolific scorer in the game today and is starting to learn how to lead a young team. He is not afraid to take the big shot when the game needs a hero. I have selected him at the 3 spot to make room for some strength and athleticism up front. Kevin will be my second option on offense but will take more control of the offense in the 4th quarter and when Derrick is on the bench.

Bench: Lebron James
4) Blake Griffin: Blake Griffin is the Power Forward. A powerful athlete with potential that can only be seen above a rim that only he can find. Blake is a great rebounder and shot blocker. His ability to run the break and finish with power and creativity will fit nicely. Blake will have a big role on both sides of the ball but his main role will be to support his teammates on defense and create opportunities running the fast break.

Bench: Dirk Nowitzki
5) Dwight Howard: Dwight Howard will be the gentlemen I have selected to protect the paint. A superhuman athlete that is never gentle about using his strength. His presence cannot be measured by statistics but only with looks of fear from his opponents as they try to fly the skies with superman. Dwight will be my main shot blocker and rebounder while creating opportunities for our perimeter defenders to apply pressure and create chances for our transition game.

Bench: Kevin Love
In a world of imagination these 5 NBA Superstars are selected as the 5 men I would choose to put on the floor to lead my team to victory. Give me your selections or criticise mine as all feedback is welcome.
Top 5 Greatest NBA Starting 5 of 2012 selected by Great Sports Articles

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
Russell Westbrook
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