Tiger Woods Biography

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Tiger Woods has accomplished things that no man could have imagined. This is a career that is just now starting to hit its peak. Many golfers say you play your best golf in your thirties. If the best is yet to come then how do you describe his career to date. Tiger has won 14 majors and 71 PGA Tour events. His accomplishments are too great to speak of in one article but his greatness will be talked about on golf courses and club houses until the end of time. We all love to play the game of golf and it's a relaxing place to spend an afternoon. But for some of us it can not only be the most tranquil place on earth but the most frustrating.

All of us who play this game can appreciate a great shot because it may only come once a year. To see the ball fly over the water with grace and beauty is a feeling we all remember and talk about for the rest of our years. This is why we can all appreciate the legend of Tiger Woods and share in every breathtaking shot he chooses to display on any given Sunday. Tiger wins the hearts of all who love this game. This fierce competitor may go down as the greatest athlete of all time and we should be thankful to experience his journey in our time.
There have been few athletes in history that can transcend the sport they play. They can take a simple game and make it into a global enterprise. The first athlete I experienced in this capacity was the legendary Michael Jordan. Tiger Woods is a gift to every golfer who dreams of making that perfect chip onto the green but to any marketing firm he is an asset. It's funny that Jordan and Tiger Woods have become close friends over the years. These two men see the world differently than other men and can appreciate what the other sees on a daily basis. They can understand each others' challenges better than any other athlete walking this earth. Can you imagine the conversations between two of the greatest athletes of all time.
There are few athletes in professional sports with the drive and ability to command such great respect from his peers and other great athletes. We should all respect what Tiger Woods has accomplished and be excited to see a legend perform on his stage in our time. Tiger started his journey to greatness at the fresh age of two. You have probably seen his performance on The Mike Douglas Show when he putted against Bob Hope. Sometimes in this world men are destined to do great things. Sometimes it may take these men years to find the star that was placed in the sky to guide them to greatness.
In this Tiger Woods Biography I will be discussing the greatest golfer this world has ever seen and a man who has shown the golf world that greatness can be seen in all colors. He has dominated the sport of golf and has driven fear into any man that shares Tiger Woods drive to be the greatest.

The stage may be bright but the biggest and brightest athlete of today will always shine when the sun rises on a Sunday afternoon. His dominance can be seen every time Tiger Woods swing. Not only can the fans see his domination but his competition can feel his presence everytime he tees off. They all know it is his tournament to lose and just maybe they can have the round of their lives.
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Tiger found his star before he could ride a bike. Maybe it was his father that saw Tiger's star before anyone else. His fathers presence is a big reason why the world can now see this superstar destroy the record books and captivate the sports world with every unbelievable shot. We all can appreciate the greatness of Tiger Woods but it is the Marketing world that has taken this star to new heights. Tiger Woods red shirt is known throughout the world.

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