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Patrick Roy's stats are compared with some of the greatest of all time. As a proven winner he took two different teams to a cup that only a few in NHL history have tasted from. A taste that one can only imagine. He brought championships to the cites of Colorado and Montreal but gave all of us memories for a lifetime. Patrick Roy's glove and his ability to lift you from your seat would prove to be legendary. His ability to make the impossible save seem like it was everyday life is why he is a legend and the greatest goaltender of all time.
As a young boy my grandfather sat me down and helped me experience the NHL for the first time. As a Canadiens fan he watched games in french and English. It wasn't about the language but more about the team. From this humble beginning I started to realize that sports was more about the game than the team, and more about the team than the players. I take this opportunity to thank him and tell him that I have always appreciated the times we spent watching our favorite sports legends. Words can't express my feelings about a legendary man who taught me about sports, but more importantly about how to be a good man.
In 1986 when the Canadians made their run for the Stanley Cup, Patrick Roy rookie season was something to watch. As a rookie he proved himself as a show stopper, and showed a tough Montreal fan base that his age meant nothing but his talent and skill meant championships. As a Conn Smythe trophy winner he raised the cup as a champion, and would raise the same cup later in his career. A career that was spent with two different teams. When Patrick Roy left the Canadians it was a sad day for a lot of Canadian sports fans. A day that some might like to forget but all can remember.
In this Patrick Roy Biography I will be discussing an NHL icon who was the last line of defense in a league where cups are more important than water in the desert sun. Patrick Roy took a butterfly and transformed it into a bird flying high over all others that came to his net.
Patrick Roy Biography

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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I'm not a Canadiens fan anymore but still watch them in memory of a simpler time, and a more innocent place. I can still remember having that Patrick Roy card because he was my first sports hero. My feelings for him may have changed over the years but his picture will still hang on my wall. He will always be a part of everything I think is great about sports. The time spent admiring the greatness of a sports legend are days all sports fans strive for. Patrick Roy gave us many days like this.

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