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Oscar Robertson will go down as one of my top 5 greatest basketball players of all time. Can you imagine getting 30 points 11 assists and 12 rebounds for a season. Just think about that for a moment. Now imagine that was your second season in the league. Oscar Robertson stats put him with the best to ever play the game but his impact on the game has a lasting impression off the court. Perfection is not a word most people use loosely but in my opinion this legendary player is the closest that I have never seen.
How can you express admiration for a man that is not only a sports legend but has defined himself in an age when black basketball players were considered the minority in college and the pro leagues. A great pioneer in the game of basketball. Point guards of today can score the ball at will, rebound to start a fast break and dish out spectacular passes. But only a handful of players throughout history can do all of these things with greatness.

You could name Magic or even Chris Paul, but Oscar Robertson could just flat out play the game of basketball. Statistics mean nothing but numbers on a page, but it does give all of us sports fans a glimpse into the career of a great legend. Whenever I talk to a younger fan or any sports fan that don't know the name Oscar Robertson I also smile. It is because I am about to see the expression on their face after I drop a couple of stats. Just imagine seeing the Rocky Mountains for the first time.
Known as one of the greatest backcourt players in NBA history, Oscar Robertson would do anything his coach would ask of him and do whatever it took to contribute to every aspect of the game. This man is still admired by every point guard and basketball player playing today. With age comes respect but with talent, drive and the ability to succeed he has proven that he deserves to be included on any basketball list, in any era. Oscar Robertson could have dominated in any era because he could dominate any part of the game, on any given night. A pioneer for all point guards of today.
In this Oscar Robertson Biography I will be discussing an NBA icon that may be the greatest player to ever step on any basketball court. When I speak about Oscar Robertson I speak with a great smile. Although I never had a chance to watch him play in person, this man's legacy takes no back seat to any NBA player. Can you believe any man can average a triple double for an entire season.

Oscar Robertson triple double season will never be matched. The most amazing thing about that statistic is he could have done it a least 4 more seasons. He was the original big point guard and changed the way the position was played. Ask Magic Johnson how important this man was to the point guard position, and the game of basketball.
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