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Michael Jordan Biography

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
In this Michael Jordan Biography I will be discussing an NBA icon that is arguably the greatest sports legend of all time. There is no one man greater than the great Michael Jordan. When anyone mentions a sports legend the name Michael Air Jordan will always appear. Jordan is one of the most recognizable names in sports history but his legend began with just one shot. I remember this moment everytime I stare at the the wall that stands behind me. His competitiveness may have come from his backyard battles with his brother but his determination would come from within.

Michael Jordan stood up to every challenge he was faced with and captured the hearts of all basketball fans around the world. When he was cut from his high school team as a sophmore he came back and broke every basketball record his school possessed. When they said he would go to North Carolina and sit on the bench for four years he won a Championship and College Player of the Year. He always took on every challenge and wanted to improve everytime he stepped on the court. His drive to become the best in the face of adversity would prove to be legendary.
I could name numerous awards and highlight plays, but Michael Jeffrey Jordan was much more than basketball. He was about dedication and hard work. If you ask any teammate of Jordan's they will all say he was the first one in and the last one out. When we speak of NBA legends we speak with great respect and admiration. Every great athlete will have records that can't be broken and a room full of trophys. Great sports legends like Michael Jordan have the ability not only to accomplish what others could only dream of, but dream of what no other could see. They have a sense of history and legacy. Besides, who else would you rather have the ball with the game on the line. Jordan always knew he would make the last shot because in his mind he never thought of other possible outcomes. The challenges Michael Jordan faced guided him on a path to greatness but it was his drive and determination that would prove to become legendary. However maybe his biggest challenge is that he had to be Michael Jordan every single night.
I have many memories of Jordan from my childhood, but the one that will always stand out is the Olympics in Barcelona when the dream team first made its arrival. Jordan standing below an enormous billboard of himself with his head tilted so far back you could almost see his reaction. In this moment I finally understood the global presence Michael Jordan had and the impact he had on the world. However for us in North America we already understood the impact Jordan could make on the game. His last shot with the Bulls showed why he is one of the clutch players in sports history. It was however the two plays before the shot that I will remember the most. Jordan first dribbled by Russell and displayed pure artistry as he gently laid the ball off the backboard. Poetry in motion. The next play down he comes out of nowhere and viciously rips the ball from the mail man. Pure aggresivness. It showed what a complete player Jordan had become over the years and what a dominating presence he has on the game. 
No player had ever come back and lead a team to an NBA title but Jordan's love for the game would prove to be too much for him to deny. His game however was too much for any team to compete with. Can you remember Scottie Pippen pointing at the bottom of his Air Jordans begging Michael to return. Jordan's return captured the hearts of every person around the world. I can honestly say that the first game Jordan returned to in Chicago was one of the happiest days I can remember. My best friend and I waited all day to see greatness. You could not wipe the smile off our face the whole day. My hero has returned and basketball was now whole again. The Bulls would lose in the playoffs that year and Jordan was now faced with another great challenge. Could he regain his place as the greatest in the game and become champion once again. Some people never gave Jordan a chance and said he would never be the player he once was. Jordan answered all critics and the Bulls would go on to win a record 72 games in one season. The Bulls would win the first of three more championships and Jordan would be named MVP once again. Jordan transcended the game of basketball on every scale. The game of Basketball before Michael Jordan was a game without a superhero.
Not only would Jordan  dominate college basketball over the next two years, he would add an Olympic gold metal to his trophy case. Michael Jordan's first challenge in the NBA would be overcoming a devastating injury that forced him to miss most of his second season as a professional. Although he thought he could play, the Bulls wanted to be very careful with their new franchise player. Jordan trained with intensity and with a will to come back stronger. When the Bulls finally decided it was time, Jordan would lead his team to the playoffs and score a record for points in a playoff game. After this game they said he could never be the greatest because he was just a great offensive talent.
Before the 1982 Championship game Jordan was not well known in the basketball world. His game winning shot would propel him into the spotlight and new found fame. It was the first time he would experience life as the great Michael Jordan. Next year as a spohmore Jordan would have a slow start. He was unsure of the new life that lay ahead. However once he understood how to play the game in the spotlight the world would never be the same. This may be the moment that turned a young kid from North Carolina into a legend the world will never forget.
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Jordan wasn't satisfied with just being a scorer, he wanted to be the greatest in every aspect of the game. He took on the challenge and became defensive player of the year and is now regarded as one of the greatest defenders in NBA history. He always wanted to prove himself and improve his game. Jordan would go on to dismantel his competition and win 3 straight NBA Championships. At this moment Jordan had accomplished everything he could have imagined and overcame every challenge he was given. The biggest challenge would soon come with the death of Michael Jordan father. This was not only a turning point in his career but in his personal life. He would decide to retire from the game at 30 and persue a career in baseball. It may have been a tribute to his father and a new challenge for him to conquer. Maybe it was Jordan's personal field of dreams. It was however his joy for the game of basketball that would lead to new challenges.

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