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Seeing point guards today running the fast break is fun to watch. Seeing Magic grab a rebound and look up the court with stars in his eyes is pure joy. Magic Johnson rookie season was eye opening and changed the way the game was played. The legend Magic has created over time is that of a great business man with a vision to do better in his community. A great thing for any man to aspire to. But I hope nobody forgets about the Magic man who transformed a game into a show. The same man that made every sports fan see the game from the eyes of a legend. A legend that transformed his stage into a play called showtime.
Everyone in the building knew Magic was going to take that shot. As Kareem delivered his screen and Magic dribbled towards the free throw line, nobody imagined he would take a hook shot. Maybe Kareem's greatness rubbed off a little when he made that solid screen. Every point guard in the NBA has great court vision but Magic had the ability to see the play before the play ever transpired. He saw the play happen before everyone else on the court. But the greatest attribute Magic possessed was not only seeing the play but seeing a totally new way to play the game. The Lakers played a style of basketball never seen before. The fast break was in full swing and Magic's legacy was breaking records.
At 6'9” Magic Johnson was bigger than most power forwards but played a position against players almost a foot shorter. Even in today's game his size would be freakish. He could not only see the floor but see things no other player would have imagined. Can you remember the all-star game after Magic announced he had the virus called HIV. It was a moment in sports no fan will ever forget. A moment that showed us the game is more than just basketball but a part of history. But the 1987 finals is the memory that will always stand out in my mind.
In this Magic Johnson biography I will be discussing an NBA icon who is known by just one name. Magic Johnson will go down as one of the greatest point guards of all time. With a career highlighted with NBA championships and all star appearances, this sports legend is not only a great player but an enormous character. With a smile that could light up the most boring press conference, Magic took his charisma and flare for the spectacular and turned the Lakers into the Magic Johnson show. This is a man that could run a fast break better than anyone before him. Magic could make the impossible seem routine.
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