Jerry Rice Biography

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Grace and beauty on a football field is brought to life with newly painted white lines covering freshly cut grass. The envy we all felt watching Rice catch a ball up the middle could only be described through admiration. Jerry Rice dominated the NFL for years and had some great quarterbacks throwing him the football. The legend of Jerry Rice should always show his greatness on the football field. But it will always be his character and will to succeed that makes him the greatest of all time. When the next Prima Donna wide receiver strolls into the league on a red carpet purchased by his new agent, remember the legend of Jerry Rice.
Becoming the most outstanding receiver in the game was becoming a reality . He would set a record for touchdown receptions in 1987 with 22 in only 12 games because of the NFL players strike. The closest player in touchdown receptions had 11. This record would stand until 2007 when Randy Moss caught 23 touchdowns. A record that could only be broken because Moss had 4 extra games to accomplished the remarkable feat.
From working with his father and catching bricks from his brother, Jerry Rice developed his legendary hands. More importantly he developed the work ethic that now places him as the greatest of all time and a spot in the Hall of Fame. Jerry Rice would wear the number 88 in College and set NCAA records that would stand for decades. When he entered the pros he would decide to decrease his number to 80 while the football world was becoming increasingly fascinated with Rice.
In this Jerry Rice biography I will give you a glimpse into the life and career of a Hall of Famer and the greatest wide receiver of all time. It is easy to proclaim Jerry Rice as the greatest wide receiver of all time. His records speak louder than any words we can put on paper. When Jerry was a high school football player in Mississippi his speed might have landed him a spot on the team but no College program was interested. The only school to visit Rice was Mississippi Valley State University. It might have been his only option to continue his football career but this world class athlete would flex his muscles and dominate the NFL.
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This was the second time teams would overlook the spectacular and sintlising skill of Jerry Rice. After his rookie season in San Francisco every team and player would soon be very aware of his skill on the gridiron. Rice would catch 49 balls for 927 yards, an average of close to 19 ypc. From catching bricks to catching balls Jerry Rice would soon capture the imagination and fear of all who would experience his domination. The world would soon see the greatness of Jerry Rice. In his second season Jerry Rice stats would led the league in receiving and touchdown receptions
Younger readers can remember the record breaking season the Patriots had in 2007. Watching Moss make unbelievable plays every week was a thrill to watch. Never would you think any player could catch this many touchdowns with so much flare. Now imagine a man called “World” that averaged more yards per catch and only 1 less touchdown in 4 fewer games. Greatness on the football field is seen every week but the greatest of all time is only seen once.
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