Deion Sanders Biography

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Tom Brady 2008 NFL season
With his make up speed and athletic ability having Sanders was like having two men covering one receiver. Deion Sanders 40 yard dash might have landed him in the NFL but his personality made him legendary. Late in his career quarterbacks stop throwing the ball in his direction because the outcome would show up in Prime Time. On any given Sunday this devestating athlete could be the greatest corner, the quickest reciver, and the most electrifing returner the sports world has ever seen. Deion Sanders would have excelled at any sport because he was athletic and a great sports legend. “Let's get sick with it”
He became one of the most intriguing players football has ever seen, and the most dominating corner of all time. Sanders could have been one of the greatest wide receivers in the league but chose to stop any player that claimed he was. To see him shutdown any wide out is like watching speed and quickness combined with instincts, sprinkled with perfection. He was always a threat on the field but off the field he was an icon. A man who loved the spotlight Deion Sanders played the role perfectly. Unlike some NFL players today he played with flare, but didn't play without team chemistry. With commercials and music videos he made the name Prime Time live up to it's hype. Just ask MC Hammer about Deion Sanders dance.
Deion Sanders was a professional in two of the biggest sports in North America. He could have played any sport of his choosing. Sanders could have dominated track and field or basketball. He could have been a horse jockey for all I am concerned. Prime Time was a pure athlete and maybe the greatest athlete of all time. However off the field is where he added to his legendary status. When the lights were the brightest and the stage was the biggest Sanders always came to play. He played to win and he played because he loved the stage that he was given. This stage was not only the field, but the world.
In this Deion Sanders Biography I will be discussing an NFL icon that is arguably the greatest all around athlete to step on any field. With a World Series and a Superbowl how can you deny any man named Prime Time. In Deion Sanders baseball career he was always a threat on the field, but the gridiron is where he made his name. This two-way athlete could bring any sports fan to his feet with spectacular plays and the drive to always be in the spotlight. Prime Time could bring back a punt return for 60 yards on a Monday night and hit a game winning home run the following week.
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