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Watching Bobby Orr gently grab the puck behind the net is like starting a journey in which your destination is inevitable. If it was even strength or short handed he could electrify the building with 2 short strides. Taking the puck from Bobby Orr was not an option. As he began to make it to center ice, fans were slowly forced out of their seats in amazement. They all see the same thing but can't understand why their eyes are deceiving them. As the ice was starting to get smaller Bobby Orr appeared to be getting faster.

Orr was not only graceful but creative and one of the original puck moving defensmen. Many players today owe a great deal to this man. We should all take a moment to admire his legacy and his journey to greatness.
Bobby Orr shows us why he is not just a special hockey player but a man who could not be labeled. He played his position to the best of his ability. It is that ability that showed the world that hockey is not about positions but about playing to win. Orr won 2 Stanley Cups and 8 straight Norris Trophys. He is the only defensmen to lead the legaue in scoring and had 6 straight years with over 100 points. Not to mention his plus minus rating is one of the greatest of all time. His style of play is what sets him apart from some of the greatest.
Bobby Orr revolutionized the game of hockey and how his position was played. In the 60's defensemen were not part of any offensive strategy or looked upon as goal scorers. Their sole purpose was to stop opposing players from entering their zone and creating havic for goaltenders. However Orr didn't play the game of hockey like other players of his time. His ablilities transcended the position and you could not treat him like defensemen of old. If you attempted to think this way you would have to put your head down, tie up your skates and explain to your coach why a  defensmen just embarrassed you behind your own net.
In this Bobby Orr biography I will be discussing the greatest defensemen of all time. It is easy to proclaim Bobby Orr as the greatest defensemen and some people will say he is the greatest hockey player to ever play the game. For younger readers it is hard to compare any player to the great Wayne Gretzky or the magnifciant Mario Lemieux. However once you take a closer look at the legend of Bobby Orr your mind may start to become a little scattered. This is how Bobby Orr left most men who tried to stop his rise to greatness. Each man would lay scattered and stunned on red and blue lines across North America.
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No injury could keep Bobby Orr from becoming legendary. It is however his style of play that may have contributed to his injuries and shortened a great career. Even with only one good leg he would always find a way to be the best. Although I have never had the chance to see him play watching Bobby Orr highlights is eye opening. His vision was matched by few and the respect was felt by all hockey players. If you thought you could intemidate Bobby Orr you would be disappointed, because he dominated the ice and he could fight with the toughest men in hockey. You would not want to test his skills. If you talk to any man before Wayne Gretzey, Bobby Orr will be the greatest of all time.

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