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The Celtics will always be known as one of the greatest dynastys in sports. Without Bill Russell this would only be a fantasy. He lead the Celtics to their first NBA championship and 10 more in the next 12 years. He defined the concept of team play and without Russell the Celtics would have been without a leader. Some people say he is overrated but the ones who really understand the game and know Bill Russell stats call him a legend. I only wish blocks were official before 1973.
Winning was what Bill Russell was all about and he revolutionized the way coaches used defensive stratagies. Bill Russell was one of the first players to live on the money that basketball provided but was not satisfied with the world he lived in. He battled racism all of his life and was a predominant member of the black power movement. His relationship with Boston would not be great and would ask to have his jersey retired in an empty Boston Garden. He was not present in 1972 when they retired his number 6 jersey. However in 1999 the Celtics re-retired his jersey and the moment brought tears to the eyes of Russell. Bill Russell would have many battles with the media and fans over the years but his greatness should be measured on the court.
Bill Russell could dominate the game at the defensive end like no other man. And if any man would try to challenge him, only disappointment would be granted. Even the great Wilt Chamberlain would have to bring his best game to compete with Russell. Battles that will go down as some of the greatest of all time. When coaches today  talk about help defenders Bill Russell's name should be the first one they mention. He was one of the first and maybe the greatest player to play the game by not guarding one man but defending all men on the floor. Other players took notice when Bill Russell was on the floor.
In this Bill Russell biography I will discuss the greatest NBA defender of all time. Bill Russell was the first African American coach in the NBA and maybe the greatest basketball center of all time. The one coach that could see the greatness of Bill Russell was the great Red Aurabach. He needed a man that could dominate the defensive end of a powerful offensive team. It may have taken a big trade to aquire this 5 time MVP but it was worth every penny and every championship.

The St. Louis Hawks actually drafted Bill Russell but they really wanted Celtics player and all star Ed Macauley who wanted to move to St. Louis to be with his son. This would go down as one of the most important trades in the history of the NBA. A moment that created a dynasty and one of the great legends of the game.
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