The Pittsburgh Penguins are 2009 Stanley Cup Champions

Christopher D. Pike | July 12, 2009
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The Penguins played each period like it was 2008 and the Red Wings lips were gently placed on the cup. The memory of that moment was imbedded in each players' mind as they stepped onto the ice. The intensity showed in every shift. The team that just showed up in 2008 transformed into a group, hungry to not only win a cup, but return a memory that lingered all summer long. One of the greatest moments of the championship celebration was watching Mario Lemieux hoist the cup in his best suit. You could almost picture his skates tied and his number 79 jersey flying down the left wing.
The expectations Sidney Crosby had coming into the NHL were extremely high. Lesser men may not have been able to handle the pressure. Many great young stars have tried and failed miserably. His poise and play making skills have made him great, but his appreciation and dedication to all things hockey will make him a legend. Crosby proved to be a leader and a lock to be on the first line for Team Canada.

This will be his team to lead with or without wearing the C on his chest. If the playoffs are any indication, I hope to see a little sparkle of gold come next year. The game was hyped to be a battle between the two best teams, and both teams did not disappoint. A battle that only has one champion and the Pittsburgh Penguins can have that title for at least 1 year. Congratulations on a new Stanley Cup trophy!
His roommate Sidney Crosby is now the player that leads a passionate Penguins team to their 3rd Stanley Cup. The new Stanley Cup Winers. His contribution should not be questioned by any hockey fan. Fleury's saves in the final moments pushed every fan off their seat. Malkin qualified himself as a great player in the game with one of the greatest playoff performances of all time. Lemieux and Gretzky are the only players that surpass Malkin when it comes to playoff performances and statistics. Great company to keep.
Can you feel the excitement? The NHL finals are finally complete and the Pittsburgh Penguins are the new Stanley Cup Champions. To see Sidney Crosby raise the cup and feel the joy of winning the greatest trophy in sports was amazing. To be the best in any sport is great, but to beat a team that ended your season one year ago is a feeling felt by a select few in the league. Pittsburgh Penguins hockey is back!
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