Toronto Raptors 2009-2010 Preview

Christopher D. Pike | October 5, 2009
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I think this team will surprise many sports fans. There are only a select group of teams that experts say will make a run towards the eastern conference tiltle. I think that many people have forgotten the moves the Raptors have made. If this team can come together and play on the defensive end the possibliities are endless. The players play and the coaches coach. The fans just hope.
With the starting lineup locked down I would like to show you how the raptors will make a run at the eastern conference finals. The answer lies on the bench, except these men do not lie around looking for a paycheck or a free lunch. These men sit on a bench anxiously awaiting their moment to succeed. Just look at the backup point guard who became one of the leaders in a locker room full of his peers at the fresh age of 25. Or lets take a look at a veteran who punched a clock for the Raptors in the past, and is glad to lace them up for a second time.

Jarrett Jack and Rasho Nesterovic are just two key components off the Raptors' bench. The list doesn't stop there. Antoine Wright's defensive ability combined with Reggie Evans' toughness sandwiched between Amir Johnson's aggressiveness will give the Raptors a physical edge that has been missing for years. But don't for a second forget about Marco Belinelli. He may be the missing link that the Raptors have been hoping for.
To start, I have to mention the acquisition of Hedo Turkoglu. Watching him in the NBA Finals was inspiring. His play making skills and his ability to hit the big shot will give this Raptors team an edge that not many teams have in the east. He will be the small forward. At power forward you have a man by the name of Chris Bosh. One of only 3 men to average a double double last year. At center is Andrea Bargnani who I believe will have the best year of his young career in 2009.
In this featured article I will be discussing the Toronto Raptors basketball moves that may take this team on a run to the Eastern Conference Finals. I could try to express my immense gratitude toward Bryan Callangelo for the vision and hard work he has put into making this team a winner. I think we all understand that some people are just great at what they do. We will however talk about the moves that have transpired, and how they affect the balance in the East.
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Jose Calderon is one of the best point guards in the NBA. This is a man who has one of the best assist to turnover ratios in the NBA. A man coming into this season healthy and determined. At shooting guard is a young man from USC. DeMar DeRozen may be the most athletic rookie this year. Besides the enormous figure that is Blake Griffen, he may have the most potential coming into this young season.

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