Can Michael Vick regain the glory of his
once brilliant career?

Christopher D. Pike | October 2, 2009
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I don't think that Vick will ever be the man he once was. We all hope he will be greater. When a man is faced with adversity he has only two options. One is to admit defeat and become lost in your own world. We hope Michael Vick chooses to rise above the choices he has made and live life as god intended.

With a new found beginning he will have to prove to all fans that football is just a game and life is real. With a game he loves to play Michael Vick will get better. But life is about making the right choices and setting an example for all young football players. I hope that in the future, young football players can still aspire to become great and Michael Vick tries to become a better man.
Eagles fans can be very warming or extremely cold. It changes from day to day, just like the weather. I can't imagine the feeling Vick had running onto the field for the first time after his release. The fans' response was warm and Vick looked like he could still play football. It will take a lot for him to get back to the top of the football world, but that is why his story is so closely watched. The Michael Vick family that surrounds him should play a big role in his recovery. Sitting in a jail cell will give even the strongest man nightmares. But we all hope that Vick spent his time reflecting on his life and the choices that landed him inside. We hope his evaluation of the world that engulfed his existence will become the same world he now tries to make a better place to play football.
As a member of the Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick now has his opportunity to regain some of the trust he has lost. He has a stage on which to do better, not only on the football field but in his community. As one of the faces of the NFL he proved he was a great player. If it was throwing a 60 yard pass or scrambling for 15 yards, Michael Vick stats could bring you to your knees. He was a special player in a league that embodies the concept of the word team. It is his new team that Michael Vick must now win over.
This is a topic that you can read in any sports magazine in North America. A man that is hated for doing many hateful things. Disappointing a generation who loved and admired this quarterback will be part of his legacy. With Michael Vick in jail the world could see the destructive actions one man could make. It will take years to rectify his actions and maybe life will never be the same for some fans. However I believe in second chances and feel that every man makes mistakes. It is how you rise above those mistakes that displays a man's true character.
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