These young superstars still have weaknesses. James still needs to work on his shot and Durant needs to get stronger. Durant is a young man that still needs to grow as a superstar in this league. Time will show that potential can lead to greatness. The ability to amaze the most ordinary fan has the potential to lead the NBA into a new era of basketball. The greatest players can turn a weakness into a strength and turn potential into legendary careers. Kevin Durant is the youngest scoring champ in NBA history.
Kevin Durant has the most 25 pt games in a single season since Michael Jordan. Not bad for a 21 year old kid. Once Durant gets stronger and understands how to win in the postseason the scales will be matched. His emergence as a dominate presence in the NBA will push LeBron James to new heights.

Every great legend in the NBA always had a player or a team that could transform their game from potential into greatness. These two men will have the opportunities to succeed in the NBA because of the skill and dominance they show us every night. Their games might be different at this stage of their careers but each man's reflection shows us the future of basketball.
The 6'9" NBA Superstar has not only taken his young Thunder team to the postseason but has driven fear into NBA defenses. Durant's size may mirror that of a power forward in this league but his devestating shooting and handle of the basketball is the future of the NBA. The new era of basketball has many superstars with size and skill. Kevin Durant has the potential to challenge LeBron James on every scale. Kevin Durant stats have been making headlines all season long. Durant can run the floor with grace and finish at the basket with strength. His ability to get to the line is a big part of his rise to greatness at such a young age.
The Future of the NBA might have a King sitting on his throne but Kevin Durant is nobody's jester. LeBron James is the best player in the league, without question. He will have this title as long as he plays basketball. The only obstacle to his domination of the league is the young and extremely talented Kevin Durant. Kobe does have a few more years at the top of the NBA but the future matchup between James and Durant will be seen for years to come. 

Kevin Durant All Star season has the basketball world watching his every move. Each move he makes shows his skill and domination of the NBA. His maturity as a man will lead him to greatness. It is his skill as a player that will challenge the reigning King and create a new empire in the NBA.
Kevin Durant may be second choice but his game mirrors the future of the NBA

Christopher D. Pike | April 27, 2010
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Nobody expected Durant to be this good at this stage of his career. He started at the 5 spot in college and then moved to shooting guard to start his NBA career. He now plays the 3 position. With his devestating 3 point shot Kevin Durant has the NBA shaking their heads in amazment. The thunderous turnaround that Oklahoma City has made over the course of the season was remarkable. Most fans never get to see this explosive young team provide its fans with night after night of highlights. With Westbrook and Green in the mix the Thunder can become better. It all rests on the shoulders of their leader and superstar. His decision making will get stronger and Durant will soon be known as a great leader in this game.
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