Weems and DeRozan can be the Future of Basketball in Toronto!

Christopher D. Pike | September 7, 2010
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The Toronto Raptors are not expected to make the playoffs in 2011. Most experts  have them winning 20 or 25 games. This is a young team with potential to become explosive over the course of an 82 game season. A new found chemistry combined with a growing confidence could push this team into the playoffs and suprise teams looking to take the night off. Canada might be a hockey nation but basketball is waiting to explode. These 2 explosive players might be the spark that lights the fire under all sports fans in the great north.  
He was willing to learn and grow his game. He has made mistakes in his rookie season but his potential to become a superstar in Toronto is growing with every high flying move . When he learns how to play defense his confidence will grow. Once he gets stronger his confidence will grow into an All-Star player in the NBA . At 6'7" DeMar DeRozan has the size and athletic ability to dominate on the defensive side of the ball. He has the tools to create a legacy in Toronto.
Sonny Weems and DeMar DeRozan have become friends over the coarse of the 2010 NBA season. These young prospects developed a comradery as teammates and have grown as men in a metropolitan city misunderstood in the NBA. They decided to attend early morning practices to challenge each other and improve their game. A decision that could change the future of basketball in Toronto. Can chemistry between two friends become the missing piece that skys over the city of Toronto? DeRozan only spent one season at USC but he improved every game he spent on campus.
The Toronto Raptors will be without their most outstanding player come next season. Chris Bosh has taken his talents to south beach and will finally have a chance at that elusive NBA Championship. Bosh not only controlled the paint in Toronto but averaged 24 of the Raptors points as the franchise player.

Where will this scoring come from next season? Fortunately the Raptors have two young men with the ability to be special in a league of electrifying athletes. Having the best and brightest athletes is crucial to winning in any professional sport. Without team chemistry winning is only an illusion. In a media driven world that focuses on the superstar we should never forget about the importance of chemistry and the illusion of propaganda.
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Sonny weems already has the confidence to be a starter in this league. His performance late last season was fun to watch. Weems is one of those special players that lets the game find them when he is on the court. His mid range game combined with his athleticism can be great for the Raptors if they decide to give him a chance. The combination of DeRozan and Weems might take the Raptors to the Playoffs in 2011. They do have steps to take but the chemistry they have build over last season may transform the Raptors. Can these two men lead the Raptors on the defensive side of the basketball? With a little of the spectacular tossed in night after night these men can be special.

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