The Nuggets are fully aware of this love of New York but will they move Carmelo before the deadline? The New Jersey Nets would love to acquire the rights to Carmelo Anthony but is the risk worth the reward. What would the Nets have to give up for a player that seems destined for Madison Square Garden. Are the Nets willing to trade potential for uncertainty?
It is almost a certainty that Carmelo Anthony will play in New York. What is uncertain is how this will transpire. Will the Nuggets make a trade or will Carmelo sign with the Knicks in the off season. The Knicks have had some disappointing seasons in the past 10 years. New York fans are ready for this explosion of excitement with the arrival of Carmelo Anthony. He will not be a savior in New York but the combination of Melo and Amare running beside the potential of Ray Felton can breathe life back into the biggest sports market in the world. New York city can capture and captivate the mind of any man and Carmelo Anthony is no exception. The lights of Madison Square Garden shine brightly on the biggest stage in basketball. Carmelo Anthony now has the chance to transform New York city into a stage that might be bigger than expected.
However the biggest question will be answered by Carmelo's current team. Which package will be more enticing for the Nuggets? If Melo is destined to leave Colorado the Nuggets must get value in return. The Nets and the Knicks have players of interest. Players that could add value and skill to a team moving forward without its leading scorer. Denver has talent without Carmelo Anthony but his numbers need to be replaced.
Carmelo Anthony has a big decision to make about his future as an NBA superstar and the future of basketball in New York.  It may not have the glitter, lights or drama of Lebron James' decision this summer but Carmelo has a chance to create his own big 3 with a move to New York. Amare Stoudamire has proven he can lead a team with dominating performances in the 4th quarter and the emergence of Ray Felton has NBA defenses trying to catch their breath. The Knicks uptempo style of basketball is perfect for Ray Felton's skills but imagine Carmelo Anthony was flying down the wing. The big lights of New York city shining brightly from his eyes. The spotlight is now firmly pointed at Carmelo Anthony and his reflection has a New York state of mind.
Carmelo Anthony might play in New Jersey but Brooklyn is not his final destination

Christopher D. Pike | January 2, 2011
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Nene has proven  himself as a powerful force in the league and Billups is more than qualified to run the point or hit a big shot. Fields, Gallinari and a draft pick would be a great return for a superstar that most fans never get a chance to see. Carmelo Anthony displays his domination on the west coast when most New Yorkers are dreaming of that next title. His skill and powerful post game can create havoc on any defense who decides to play him one on one. New York has a style of basketball that is a perfect fit for this 3 time all-star. The Miami heat are becoming a dominate team in the NBA. They have taken defensive responsibility and speed to new heights. With a move to New York Melo has a chance to tame this 3 headed monster that circles the waters of south beach. 

In life some things are more important than basketball and some decisions we cannot control. After his sister's death Carmelo Anthony must live his life with this understanding. A devastating loss for any athelete to overcome. With loss comes new beginnings and Anthony is now ready to start his new beginning in New York. There is no question that Carmelo wants to play on the biggest stage in basketball. His desire is now known throughout the basketball world.
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