Canada wins Hockey Gold!

Christopher D. Pike | March 1, 2010
Our nation is comprised of all cultures and colours. It is one of the greatest places in the world to call home. We are not a perfect nation but for one small moment in time we all cheered for one country with pride and a new sense of being Canadian. The national anthem was heard in all parts of the country and we could finally show that we are proud to be Canadian. We stood on guard for our country and showed the world that we believe in Canada.
Not only did Canada break the record for gold medals in one Olympic Games but we have reclaimed the title as the greatest hockey nation in the world. With the women and men's teams taking gold medals the title is ours, without question. I didn't have the opportunity to experience the '72 series when Henderson scored that iconic goal. I was just a young hockey fan when the great Wayne Gretzky showed his vision before Lemieux scored the winner in the Canada Cup. Although I have seen great Canadian hockey games in my lifetime, I have never been a part of a hockey game that was greater than the game itself. A game that transcended the sport we hold so close to our hearts. All Canadians young and old have a moment in time that we can all share. A goal that all Canadians can be proud to have experienced and a moment in history that is unforgettable. The Golden Goal!
Although the games started with tragedy the ending could not have been more perfect. Even the most accomplished writers could not have dreamed an ending like the one we were so fortunate to see. Our golden boy Sidney Crosby lifted a nation into a frenzy of patriot love that was seen from coast to coast. From the rocks of Newfoundland to the glorious city of Vancouver, all Canadians felt the freedom of victory. When we needed him the most Sidney Crosby did not disappoint. He was criticized all tournament for not producing on the greatest stage. He wasn't the best offensive player on the ice.
The journey towards Olympic gold was not what Canada expected. The expectations for hockey in Canada are even higher than the magnificent mountains that tower above our cities. Our love for this great game is deeper than the oceans that surround our home and native land, but it is our people that make our country great. And for the last couple of weeks the world has seen our true colours. They have felt our pride and passion for everything Canadian. All Canadians have finally seen how great our country can become. It wasn't about winning more medals but showing the world that Canada is not just a land full of the most spectacular and greenest forests but a country the world can now envy.
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But when the moment called for greatness Crosby proved he is not only a leader, but a hero for all Canadians to remember. The checking line of Toews, Nash and Richards was the secret weapon that propelled the Canadians to gold. Imagine a checking line with 3 captains and 3 of the greatest young talents in the NHL. Without this combination of superstars Canada might have fallen to the Russians in the quarterfinals. Crosby will be remembered for giving all Canadians the pride of a gold medal but 22 other Canadians should not be forgotten.

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