Will Ovechkin be granted the 2010 Heart Trophy as the NHL's MVP

Christopher D. Pike | April 13, 2010
In my opinion Sidney Crosby should be handed the 2010 Hart Trophy. Crosby has reinvented his game and taken his legend to iconic status throughout Canada. He  finished with 51 goals this season and 109 points. Sidney Crosby has shown the hockey world he can score goals while creating opportunities for others. Going to the net and shooting the puck has Crosby back in the race to become the best player in the NHL. With Malkin having a sub par season Crosby has been a force every night and leading his team in every aspect of the game.

Every night Crosby had to be great for the Penquins to win while Ovechkin had a number of superstars to share the load. If the top 3 scorers for Pittsburgh was Malkin at 77 points, Ponikarovsky with 50 points and Gonchar with 50 points the Penguins would not be a Cup contending team. Not great numbers for a Stanley Cup team.  If any of these players win the Hart Trophy I will not be surprised. All men should be proud of the spectacular seasons that landed them in this discussion. Who will be the 2010 Hart Trophy winner?
His goal scoring and play making ability will always have him in this conversation but his leadership and willingness to win every battle will put him as one of the greatest of all time. However the Capitals were 7-2-1 without Ovechkin in the line up. Two other men in contention for this illusturious title are Henrik Sedin and Ryan Miller. Henrik Sedin has had the best season of his career. After his brother went down due to injury he proved that he could be a superstar in the NHL. When Daniel Sedin came back Henrik was leading the league in points.
Hockey writers have an extremely tough decision to make in 2010. Before the Olympic break most of the hockey world had Ovechkin winning the MVP hands down. However since his disappointing showing for Team Russia, Ovechkin hasn't looked like the player he has proven himself to be over the last couple of seasons. However his numbers and personality still show him as the most dominating presence in the NHL and the Capitals have shown us he is a legitimate leader in this league. Ovechkin has not only lead his team to the best record in the league but  leads his team after every punishing hit or aggressive check.
The 2010 NHL playoffs are just around the corner and the debate over who will be named the league's MVP is heating up. This is not only the most prestigious award in the NHL but has a history that dates back to 1924. The list of winners is a combination of the greatest players to ever play this game at the highest level. Winning this trophy can almost guarantee your induction into the Hall of Fame and a place as one of the greatest of all time. Alex Ovechkin may be considered the hottest player in the game today but can he capture his third straight Hart Trophy. Will he share a stage with the two greatest players to ever play the game of hockey or will Gretzky and Orr remain the only winners of 3 straight.
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He gained confidence when he could prove to others that he could play without his brother. He was critized his whole career for not being able to get to the next level. He may deserve the title but will not capture the 2010 Hart Trophy. His critics can now write about his newly aquired Art Ross Trophy. The goaltender that almost crushed the hearts of Canadians has been showing all season why he deserves a nomination. The most valuable player to his team on this list. He will win the Vezina but the Hart is out of reach. Goaltenders often find themselves left off this list but without their agility and game changing skill some teams would have no value. The Sabres are leading their division and without Miller they would be polishing golf clubs at their favorite country club.
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