The streets of Edmonton have exploded with jubilation. The Oilers
have completed a comeback for the ages. After dropping 3 straight games in the Stanley Cup Finals the Oilers now find themselves holding Lord Stanley once again. The determination in the eyes of the great one was best seen on the ice where he turned the dreams of 3 straight Stanley Cups into reality.
Most fans in the U.S. did not understand the game of hockey before Gretzky made his move to Los Angeles. Gretzky brought the game from obscurity to the main stream. Hockey became a show and not just a game played in the coldest parts of the earth. The excitement surrounding the Kings was seen everytime a cash register was opened.
Gretzky has done more for the game of hockey than any man in NHL history. He has accomplished things that no hockey player could have imagined. His numbers shine brighter than the lights of L.A. but without Gretzky, hockey in the U.S. would be 10 years behind in its development. When the Oilers announced they had traded Gretzky to the Kings all fans in Canada were shocked and confused. However without this trade the game of hockey would still be a mystery to most in the U.S. The Kings would soon become the hottest ticket in L.A. and Gretzky was now a celebrity in the city of stars.
Just imagine a special day in Edmonton Oilers history. The press conference everyone was anticipating has finally arrived and it is no secret that Gretzky is staying in Edmonton. The rumors surrounding the most electrifying player in NHL history have been picking up steam in recent weeks. Gretzky might be the perfect fit for the bright lights of  Los Angeles but this Canadian hero will remain an Oiler. His assault on the history books will continue to be seen on Canadian soil.
The Oilers decide Wayne Gretzky should stay in Edmonton?

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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Money might have been the biggest reason Wayne Gretzky was brought to Los Angeles but the impact is seen with every team and player we see in the southern states. Would teams in Anaheim or San Jose exist without the influence of the great one. Hockey in the U.S. will never have the notoriety it has in Canada. The NHL has tried to create demand for hockey in the U.S. by supplying them with team after team. No amount of boardroom banter will ever compare to one man's influence and dominance on a game misunderstood in the U.S.

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After going pointless in Game 4 Wayne Gretzky showed his city the greatest 3 games in NHL history. With 8 goals, 9 assists and 2 game winners, Wayne Gretzky would not be denied. All Edmontonians can breathe a little easier because the great one will stay pure in the crisp air of the great north. No amount of money will ever compare to the heroics of a legend. Just imagine.

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