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Sanders reign of glory has finally come to an end. The greatest running back of all time will not try to reach the impossible mark of 20,000 yards but instead retire as the all time leader in rushing yards and rushing yards per game. Can you imagine if the rumor of his retirement 3 years ago would have been true. The sports world would have been denied the most breathtaking and leathal 3 years of any player in any era. His game can only be described as unstoppable but his humble character is why we all wish he would just play 1 more season. Just imagine.
He may have been small in stature, but if you could look past his size and look a little lower than you will see why he was great. Barry Sanders' legs were so large I think they may have taken up half of his 200 lb frame. This is one of the reasons that many tacklers could not bring down Sanders when he decided to break threw the hole. If linebackers thought they might have a chance Sanders would just stick them with the spin move. These men would violently fall to their knees and in a flash they could see the number 20 quickly and gently flow side to side. Sanders was one of the most humble players to ever play the game but Barry Sanders video shows us all why he is one of the greatest to run over NFL defenses.
His size scared off many recruiters that were not looking for a 5'8”, 200 lb running back. However Sanders went on to average over 200 yards per game in his junior season in college. A season in which he was awarded the Hiesman Trophy. This powerful and electrifying athlete would be drafted 3rd overall in 1989 and ran for a touchdown on the forth carry of his first game. If you measure the size of the fight in the dog than Barry Sanders would score off the charts.
Just imagine for a moment Lions fans, it's 2001 and the Lions have just been eliminated from the post season for the second season in a row. Although Barry Sanders ran for over 150 yards and 2 touchdowns the Lions could not make the plays when the game was on the line. Will this be the final game of a brilliant career or will Sanders try to reach a place that no man could ever dream imaginable. It is now possible for a man to rush for 20,000 yards but we will have to wait till next season to see if Sanders will try to reach an impossible place in history.
Barry Sanders retires after 13 seasons?

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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Playing the game is just what he did. No trash talk, just results. A lesson some players can learn in today's game. He left the game with a lot of questions unanswered. The fact that the Lions could not build a winning team around him is a big reason why only 10 seasons was enough. Maybe if the Lions had to make the Superbowl or even made the playoffs for a couple of seasons Sanders would have stayed. We would have all enjoyed a few more seasons of watching the evasiveness and creativity of Barry Sanders. Pure poetry in motion.

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