The only question mark surrounding a move to the NFL would be the physicality of football. Could James take a hit or a big collision up the middle. Many of the NFL's greatest players and coaches have weighed in on this discussion. The consensus is that most players and coaches think that James could become a Pro-Bowl player in the NFL. James was being watched by Ohio State and Notre Dame in high school. If football was his first choice he could have gone to any school of his choosing. His first football game was in the state playoffs where he caught nine passes, a school record. However the biggest drawback for the best player in the NBA would be reading NFL defences.
Lebron James was not only an all-state wide receiver in high school but has records that still stand today. He stopped playing football in his senior year to concentrate on his growing basketball career. If football was his first choice he would be dominating the NFL as we speak. This 6' 8", 245 pound superstar could play numerous positions in the NFL, but having this versatile athlete playing tight end would be devastating. If you follow the NFL then you know that some of the greatest tight ends in the game today have basketball backgrounds. Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates are Pro Bowlers that played both sports in college. Julius Peppers played for the North Carolina basketball program and is now dominating the defensive end position in the NFL. Some of the greatest athletes in the world play in the NBA and given the opportunity some players could succeed in the NFL.
It might seem impossible to think that the best basketball player in the world would decide to quit and play another sport. If this is too hard to imagine try to remember a man named Michael Jordan. Jordan was at the top of his game when he decided to play baseball and retire from the NBA. Both men have impacted the game like no other players in the history of the NBA. They have changed the way the game is played and have transcended the world of sports. Jordan and James are not mirror images as players but if Lebron had made the decision to play football the comparisons would have been overwhelming.
Just imagine the Cleveland Browns found the piece that every basketball team has been coveting all summer. Every sports fan around the world awaited the decision that would change basketball. A decision that would shift the balance of the NBA. Which team will crown a newly elected King and become instant contenders for the 2011 NBA Title.

LeBron James 2010 decision was watched by millions of basketball fans around the world. Lebron James was asked the question and the world took a deep breath. Lebron James exhaled and finally answered the biggest question in the history of sports. “I will not leave the city of Cleveland as it is my home. I will however retire from the game of basketball and take my talents to the NFL. I will try to translate my skills to the gridiron and bring the dog pound a Superbowl”. Imagine if this was reality.
The Cleveland Browns have a new tight end, his name is LeBron James?

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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The only difference is that Jordan had 3 NBA Championships when he made his historical decision. This is why James would never think of leaving basketball without a title. A true competitor never quits till they reach the ultimate goal. Lebron now has the chance to win numerous NBA Championships with his new team in Miami. The combination of 3 All-Stars should give him the opportunity to finally become a Champion and increase his legendary status. Maybe after he wins a title in Miami this fantasy would become reality and NFL cornerbacks and safeties would soon see the spotlight from the crown of a King.
The Cleveland Browns finally have an opportunity to win a Superbowl. The only team standing in the way is the mighty Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys might be America's team but LeBron James is becoming America's favorite story. A story that started with a decision and a decision that is changing the NFL. The NBA is without a superstar but football has never been more exciting. LeBron James' charisma and skill has captured the hearts of Cleveland fans once again. With over 100 receptions and 12 Touchdowns LeBron James has answered all critics. This is no 7 game series just one opportunity for greatness and a chance for immortality. Just imagine.

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