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I can't believe my eyes. Kobe Bryant may have the greatest dunk of all time. The fact that he could elevate over the raining MVP and make him look like a jester is unimaginable. I have never seen King James look so human and defeated as he limped back to the bench with his eyes glaring at the scoreboard. How is it possible for Chris Paul to imagine a pass from half court in the dying minutes of a crutial game against the Cavs. The pass may be greater than the dunk but this dunk will go down as one of the greatest of all time. The building was stunned to see the King get destroyed by Kobe Bryant's right hand and the world will remember the half court pass that ignited a comeback for the ages. Just imagine.
When it was all said and done he had 3 rings and Jackson's legacy was solidified. Unlike most coaches in the NBA today Jackson can take personalities of all walks of life and put them on a path to greatness. This is just another opportunity to add to his claim as the greatest coach of all time. If the Artest experiment does not work the Lakers will have to have an alternative plan.
This scenerio may never happen and Ron Artest could be the piece that takes the Lakers to their second straight NBA Championship. The Lakers team that will be on the floor at the start of the season may be the best in the league. Any team with the great Kobe Bryant will have a chance to win a championship. But what if Phil Jackson cannot control the enormous figure that is Ron Artest.  Can Artest play in the biggest market with the greatest player. When Phil Jackson coached the Bulls he also had a player by the name of Denis Rodman that most people thought could not be controlled.
Just imagine for a moment, we are only 30 games into the 2009-2010 season and the Lakers have just made one of the biggest trades in franchise history. Chris Paul moves his way to Los Angeles and the Lakers have the man they have been coveting all season long. With a slow start to the season the Lakers felt that a move had to be made.

Getting the best point guard in the NBA was tops on their list. With this 5 player trade they see the dream of repeating as NBA Champions now becoming a reality. Andrew Bynum, Ron Artest, and Jordan Farmar are headed to New Orleans while Chris Paul and James Posey are on the move to Los Angeles. The Ron Artest era in Laker land has now come to an end and the future is Chris Paul. Artest's relationship with Kobe was troubled from the start and it was seen most in the Lakers' east coast road trip. A move had to be made and Chris Paul was the one they wanted.
The Lakers trade for Chris Paul?

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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I am not sure if the Chris Paul trade will be part of that plan but to see him run the fast break with Kobe Bryant on the wing would be amazing to watch. He would definently add excitement and creativeness to a great Lakers team. It may never happen but we all can imagine for one moment how great this duo could become. Kobe has never played with a point guard with Chris Paul's abilities. To see them with the same gold jerseys would be special.
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