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Last night was one of the greatest moments in NBA history. All of the rumors about Michael Jordan's retirement are false. His performance in the Finals can only be described as unstoppable. He will not try to pursue other interests. He has finally made his commitment to the Trailblazers. Jordan will be finalizing a deal in the coming months. A deal that will make this 4 time NBA champion a citizen of Portland for years to come. Michael Jordan pictures will remain on the walls of all Portland fans. Just imagine.
When Jordan was drafted by the Bulls he had a head coach named Kevin Loughery.  I am sure Loughery was excited to have a young kid with so much potential. It wasn't the first time he was given the privilege to coach a young legend in the making. Loughery also coached a young Julius Erving through two ABA Championships. Maybe it was fate when Portland passed on Jordan and decided to go in another direction. Maybe it's just a coincidence that Loughery was the coach of the Bulls. What is unmistakable is the legend that Jordan has created in Chicago. The basketball world was looking for the next Julius Erving but the basketball gods thought it was more important to create the great Michael Jordan.
It is hard to imagine life without Michael Jordan but it is even harder to see him in any other jersey. Even to see him wear a Wizards jersey was a little tough but I could understand. I guess when we play this game it is tough to know how the future could have played out. For all of us Jordan fans life may have turned out a little differently. As a young man getting into the NBA Michael Jordan and the Bulls quickly became the only team I would cheer for.
Just imagine for a moment Bulls fans, Michael Jordan lived in Oregon and was destroying the western conference. Air Jordan started his flight in Portland and flew high over any man without a boarding pass. Ordinary men would not qualify to share the skys with Jordan but only watch him from the ground floor. The Portland Trailblazers made the right decision by drafting this young man from North Carolina. Only history will show the greatness of this draft class but it is Michael Jordan basketball that will transform the history books.
The Portland Trailblazers Draft Michael Jordan?

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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The game of basketball has become my passion because of the vision and creativity of Michael Jordan. As the years pasted and players came and went I quickly understood that I never had the dedication for the Bulls but my passion was for the man they called Michael Jordan. My entire sports existence and love for all that is sports revolves around Michael Jordan. This man means more to me then any other sports legend. To imagine him on any other team seems unimaginable.

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