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The Sixers are back in the NBA Finals for a second straight year. They have just defeated the New Jersey Nets and are faced with the same team that crushed the dreams of an entire city one year ago. The difference this year is that they now have a big ticket talent that can control the paint and compliment the league's leading scorer.

Will Shaq and Kobe prove to be to much for a third straight year or will Iverson and Garnett take the crown as the greatest duo in the game today. Just imagine.
This 2001-02 Sixers team did not have the players to compete with the best in the NBA but Iverson always made them contenders in the Eastern conference. With both players at the peak of legendary careers I think it would have captured many hearts in a city of brotherly love. A bond that may have been considered one of the greatest duos of all time.
Can you imagine if the infamous Allen Iverson crossover teamed up with arguably the greatest power forward of all time. In 2001-02 Kevin Garnett was quickly on his way to becoming a legend and the face of the NBA. The previous 2 years he averaged a double double and close to 5 assists per game. He was one of the best young stars in the league and his future was as bright as the sky-tinted waters that surrounded him. We will never know if this combination of all stars would have taken this Sixers team back to the NBA Finals. It would have been fun to see Iverson and Garnett dominate the East.
Just imagine for a moment Sixers fans, it's the 2001-02 season and the Sixers are about to start their NBA journey. Iverson is coming off his best season as a pro grabbing his second scoring title and being named the league MVP. He was also the league leader in steals at 2.5 per game. He lead a Sixers team to the NBA Finals and stepped over his competition to score 48 points in game 1. The Sixers would go on to lose the next 4 games but Philadelphia fans are anxious to see what Iverson highlights will show us with the acquisition of the great Kevin Garnett.
Allen Iverson Plays with a Legend?

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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Iverson has always been seen as a player that needs an offense revolved around his skill and desire to control the ball. If any big man in the league could become part of this Sixers team in this moment in history, Garnett would have to be the best choice. His defensive skill and his ability to control the game in the paint would have complimented Allen Iverson stats and offensive talents. On paper this can look like a dream combination. General Managers have tried to team Iverson with great players and failed. Would this have been the same story or would these men revive a storied franchise.

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