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Today Brett Favre made it clear that he will not be returning to the Packers after this season. He has finally exercised all of the football demons and is ready to move on to the next chapter in his life. His greatness will never be forgotten and the city of Green Bay will honor and admire this man for the rest of his life. Favre thanked the Packers for giving him the opportunity to come back 3 years ago. His gratitude could be seen from the darkest corner of the room. I guess they made the right move and now have a Superbowl to prove it. Just imagine.
It's hard to imagine that Green Bay management didn't want to give Favre the opportunity to come back and lead his Packers team. I think it also surprised Favre. Unlike Green Bay, Favre did not look ahead to the future and make decisions based on 5 year projections. He played and lived every moment for the moment. He was never afraid to make the spectacular play or throw the ball into double coverage. His unbreakable spirt will live on in all who had the thrill to see him light up a football field. His body may be aging but the passion and competitiveness that beats inside of Brett Favre will never die. His story is captivating and his legacy will be matched by few men in the history of football. Brett Favre NFL career will always be tied to Green Bay.
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Brett Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and has the records to prove it. Since his departure from the Packers he has played for two different teams in the past two seasons. He will always be known as a hero in the city of Green Bay because of his heroics on the field. I don't think the decisions that he has made will affect his legacy. However I do wish he could have made some of his decisions a little earlier and not waited for the season to start.
Just imagine for a moment Packers fans, it's March 4, 2008 and the Packers just annonunced that Brett Favre will be returning to the Pack. This leader and Green Bay legend decided to give the Packers what they have been longing to hear for months. Their was no dought that they wanted Brett Favre salary and heroics back and today Favre finally granted their wishes. Who knows if he will play after next season but this year should be fun to watch.
Brett Favre retires as a Packer?

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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The Green Bay Packers wanted to go in another direction and they now have a great young quarterback taking their snaps every week. Ultimately football is a business and sometimes business moves have to be made. Unfortunately for Brett Favre the Packers' future business plan did not have a 40 year old quarterback . He could have Started every game for the Packers in 2008 wearing his infamous favre jersey and maybe have taken his team to the Superbowl. The Packers record the previous year was an astonishing 13-3 in the regular season with Favre behind center.

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