Canadian cites prove Hockey is still alive?

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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Just imagine for a moment hockey fans, it is 2012 and the NHL has finally decided that the climate should change in the NHL. Canadian cites have awoke from the deep sleep that was the NHL's expansion in the southern states. The dreams of having the NHL back in the heart of the hockey world is reality. It is unsure how these teams will exist in these new cities but what is certain is the fans are anxiously awaiting the start to this new NHL. The puck drops in only a couple of weeks but thousands of fans across the country are ready to be reborn and taste the thrill of victory. The proof is seen in the eyes of every fan as the realize the nightmare is over and hockey is finally back.  
I understand the NHL trying to expand in the United States. Hockey is a business and business decision have to be made. I am not sure what the NHL's business plan has been over the last couple of decades but moving teams to warmer climates seems to be a part. Hockey has never been able to crack the greatest sports market in the world. There are only a few cities in the U.S. that have the passion for hockey like the cities and towns in Canada. When Gretzky was sent to the Kings it was like a magical wand was waved and hockey was finally becoming a dominate sport in U.S.
I am not saying that these franchises cannot succeed in the future or be a sucessful franchise because there are many examples in today's game. All cities in all countries deserve to cheer on their home teams. I just think more Canadian's should feel the same joy. I am not sure what cities would work best in this new NHL. I am sure you could name 2 or 3 cities were hockey would thrive. It is hard to watch any hockey game and see thousands of seats empty or fans not even watching the greatest game on ice.

These seats could be filled with hundreds of young Canadian hockey fans who may never get the chance to see their hero's perform on the greatest stage. I know it is a business and there are many issues that I have not discussed or problems beyond my comprehension. However Canadian cities do have a demand to see and experience our great game. The NHL have tried to create a demand for a product in a new market. This has proven to be a great business move for many sports. However you should never forget about where your product originated and the loyality of Canadian consumers.
It is opening night and the NHL has given Canadian hockey fans what they have demanded for decades. We now have two new NHL franchises in the great north. You can finally open your eyes from the nightmare and firmly place them on centre ice. Every seat in the arena is warmed by the excitement of NHL hockey and every fan awaits that first goal. These two Canadian teams will go to battle for two Canadian cities that have erupted with enthusasim because hockey is alive again. It is an historic night for the NHL but for the fans of these two Canadian cites it is a dream that has finally come true. Just imagine
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It may have seemed like this at the time but time has proven that hockey is not the second choice and maybe not even in the top 5 sports fans would pay hard earned money to attend. Some franchises have even been forced to give hockey tickets away to get fans into their empty seats. The current economic instability in the U.S. has not helped these struggling franchises rise from the dark and cold places the NHL has left them. But even before the crash these teams were struggling to keep the seats warm. At the same time one of the coldest places in the world had ever seat filled and every fan spending money. A place were hockey is always first choice.

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