Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James all decide Brooklyn is the right move?

Christopher D. Pike | @Chris_Pike3
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Just imagine for a moment, it's the summer of 2010 and we are all anxiously awaiting the moment when the reigning MVP and NBA Champion LeBron James decides on his future and a new LeBron jersey. There is a rumor that he will be holding a press conference in the coming weeks and the world is watching his every move.

What will the future hold for this future NBA legend. But this story does not end with King James. A story broke last night that Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were spotted in New York hanging with Jay-z in a local nightclub. This has started a frenzy of controvsey in the basketball world. Is there a chance that these three NBA All stars would consider signing with the Nets. How could they co-exist and how could the Nets afford to pay these high profile players.
It might be an impossible scenario on the books but just for a moment think about the consequences. You have three of the best players in the world playing on the same team in the same place. With these men in your starting lineup you could put Jay-z at the point and Prokhorov at centre and still make a playoff run. This team would instantly become legendary and the marketing possibilities are endless. Since September 1957 Brooklyn has been waiting for the day they can claim a sports franchise as their own.
Once the Dodgers departed for sunnier skys its people have been starving for a time to resurrect the pride that they feel for their burrow. Brooklyn has its own distinct culture and heritage but it is the people and the pride that makes this burrow special. This pride is captured in Jay-z's eyes every time he talks about the move to Brooklyn. Growing up in one of the toughest parts of Brooklyn it was his dream to give back to the community any way he could.

You could say that his music or his dominance as an executive was inspirational enough. However with this move he will go down as a hero to all that love Brooklyn. When Jay-z rocks the mic you can feel the energy created with every rhyme. When he introduces a new line of clothing you can see the dollars roll in. But with this move you will hear the excitement of 2.5 million people as they cheer for one team and admire this hometown hero. 
The moment all Brooklyn fans have been longing for has finally arrived. It's opening night and the stage is set. The lights that shine above Barclay's center is only matched by the stars that sit courtside to take in this historical moment. We are minutes away from a new dynasty in sports and a burrow that has been waiting over 50 years for a team to call their own.

As I stare at the crowd I can see the number 23 draped all over the arena. The gray haired man sitting in the first row to the bright eyed kid sitting on his hands in amazement awaiting his heros. There will be many things I will remember about this night but seeing King James in a warm up jersey with the number 42 on his chest is a special moment for all sports fans. Just imagine.
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