This site was created for all of us 24/7 sports fans who love the thrill of competition. We don't just watch our favorite teams in victory but also in defeat. Sports is more than just a game behind a perfectly defined screen, but a way of life.  It is a journey that may take one season or a lifetime.

Since a child, sports has been a big part of my existence.  As a man it has become a passion and a vehicle to express my thoughts through words on a page. As I have acquired more time I have also acquired greater knowledge. I will never claim to know everything about every sport. I will only give you my opinions on different players and topics that are of interest.

Every sports fan has the right to his or her own opinion and the right to express them in the correct way. This site will be my expression. Feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions by visiting my contact page. My pledge to all readers is that I will always try to write with imagination, creativity and passion. I hope to talk to you soon but for now check out this great video to get you started. Please read

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