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This collection of articles is inspired by the day to day drama that is professional sports. I will pick some of the hottest issues in sports, along with some topics that ignite fire in the heart of the average sports fan. They are only my opinions about these issues. I will never claim to have all the right answers or solutions to these hot button issues. However I will always try to create articles with passion and creativity.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are Stanley Cup Champions: In this weeks article we will be discussing the 2008 NHL Finals and the new Stanley Cup Champions Pittsburgh Penguins.
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Can Michael Vick regain the glory of his once brilliant career? In this weeks article I will be discussing a topic that is seen in every sports magazine in North America.
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Toronto Raptors 2009 Preview: In this weeks article I will be discussing the Toronto Raptors and the moves that may take this team on a run to the Eastern Conference Finals.
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Calgary Flames 2009 Preview: With the off season moves can the Calgary Flames make it out of the first round and ignite a red mile that is awaiting a spark?
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Which NHL players will lace up their skates for Team Canada? For Canadian hockey fans this is a debate that has been going on for months. This debate gets more coverage on Canadian sports shows then any other sport.
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Canada wins Hockey Gold: The journey towards Olympic gold was not what Canada expected. The excpectations for hockey in Canada are even higher then the magnificent mountians that tower above our cities.
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Lack of leadership in the NHL has left a black mark on the hockey world: The hockey world has been surrounded with controversy over the last couple of days. The future of the NHL is now approaching a critical moment in its history.
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Will Ovechkin be granted the 2010 Heart Trophy as the NHL's MVP: The 2010 NHL playoffs are just around the corner and the debate over who will be named the leagues MVP is heating up.
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Kevin Durant may be second choice but his game mirrors the future of the NBA: The Future of the NBA might have a King sitting on his throne but Kevin Durant is nobodys jester.
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Hall or Seguin: Which young superstar can lift the Oilers from obscurity?: The debate will continue into the summer and right to draft day. The Edmonton oilers have secured the first overall pick in the draft.
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Weems and DeRozan can be the Future of Basketball in Toronto!: The Toronto Raptors will be without their most outstanding player come next season.
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The Edmonton Oilers will make the playoffs in 2011: Yeah I said it, the Edmonton oilers will make the playoffs in 2011. All the bloggers, haters and sports writers have the Oilers pegged for 15th in the west.
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Jarome Iginla's Leadership should never be a debate in Calgary: After the disappointment of missing the playoffs last season the Calgary Flames had many questions to be answered.
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Carmelo Anthony might play in New Jersey but Brooklyn is not his final destination: Carmelo Anthony has a big decision to make about his future as an NBA superstar and the future of basketball in New York.
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The NHL is facing a crisis that has no easy answers: The game of hockey is entering a dangerous and disturbing world of debate and distrust.
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OKC Thunder should unleash Russell Westbrook: The queston is not his talent or athleticism but his ability to play the point guard position.
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